PacMan 3D Demo

The story

Around 2006/2007 I was going through the period in which I worked very intensively with Game Maker 6. I had written several articles for “DEV“, an Italian computer magazine about this software and I had also created some game demos.

These experiences allowed me to deepen my knowledge of Game Maker 6 and its more advanced features. I therefore learned to overcome its limitations, through the creation of DLLs in C language.

Since Game Maker was born as an editor for creating 2D video games, it offered very limited support for 3D graphics. At the same time I wanted to take advantage of my OpenGL skills and created a library that bridged the two worlds.

As a pilot project to develop and test this library the choice fell on creating a 3D version of the beloved PacMan. In doing this, however, I wanted to get a transposition that kept as much as possible the game’s original atmosphere and its somewhat futuristic appearance.

The game is not complete and also presents some bugs especially in the movement of ghosts after they have been eaten. PacMan can be freely moved by the player and energy pills are also implemented. The movement of ghosts is not random, but is regulated by a path finding algorithm.


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