DEV was one of the several magazines published from Infomedia – in Italy – which was a publishing house specializing in scientific-technical magazines that seen in the nineties its maximum expansion.

Coincidentally I met the editor-in-chief of the magazine Roberto Casarini who offered me the opportunity to be part of this interesting and exciting project.

Our main interest was to focus on writing articles about video game development and we were both so excited about this idea that he devised for me a new rubric in the magazine called Game DEV.

Between 2005 and 2006 I was able to publish 15 articles in nine monthly issues of the magazine, ranging from game creations through Game Maker 6, to OpenGL up to the discussion of the J2ME platform which represented a starting point towards the new frontiers of the mobile gaming.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, the publication of the magazine was stopped and with it also ended my activity as an author.

In this section, without hiding a hint of pride, I propose all the articles in their original form, but translated into English.